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Value-Add Agriculture at Bristol Works!

Value Added Agriculture Manufacturing?

At Bristol Works! we are focusing on two growth sectors in the Vermont economy, “Value Added” agricultural products and services, and “Green”, or “Renewable” energy products.

Value Added Agriculture
Creating and serving new markets remains one of the key challenges for sustainable agriculture.

Small farmers and/or producers of food products have enormous challenges when attempting to grow, process and distribute products that are market ready.

Primary processing of harvested agricultural products requires commercial processing facilities that are appropriately scaled to the raw material outputs of each geographic region. Primary processing of vegetables, for example, refers to the first steps after harvest, which might include washing, grading, cutting and/or peeling, then preparing the harvested materials for cooking, packaging, freezing, refrigerating, drying, etc. Unfortunately, very little of this infrastructure exists in Vermont today and it can be expensive to build. There is also a limited amount of acreage under production, so the supply of raw materials is largely insufficient to support this infrastructure.

Secondary processing brings the product to a more “prepared” state, such as the production of baked goods, cheese products, prepared meats, soups, cereals, etc. Finally, these products need to be packaged into a box, a bag, a jar, etc., for wholesale or retail distribution. While there is a growing secondary processing sector in Vermont, it is extremely limited, or narrow in terms of the range of products manufacturers produce.

Value Added Agriculture

Both primary and secondary processing are equally important elements in the value-add stream. These enhancements to the raw materials provide significantly to the economic health of our local communities, while establishing reliable supply channels that ensure our food security.

One of Bristol Works! newest tenants is a local producer of Kombucha and Cultured Tea, Aqua Vitea. The owners of Aqua Vitea reflect the business approach that sets Bristol Works! apart from other commercial “business parks.” They shares our commitment to supporting local agricultural and health businesses, innovation, and community.

From Jeff Weaber of the Aqua Vitea team:

“… we became very involved with the local food movement and developed strong community ideals. We believe it is the responsibility of an individual to provide a component that will strengthen their community. For an individual or business to achieve success they must share a symbiotic or mutually beneficial relationship with their community. Furthermore, the health of the community depends on the health of its individuals, and an individual's health begins with food.”

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